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About Beautiful Bakers Twines

information on all Beautiful Bakers Twines manufactured in the UK by James Lever on sale in the craft twinery

Bakers Twines Product Information

At the Craft Twinery you will find the world's largest range of baker's twines and craft twines - the Beautful Bakers Twine range manufactured by James Lever of Bolton, a family business in its sixth generation based in the heart of Lancashire's former cotton industry. James Lever's was established in 1856 and is England's last remaining cotton twine manufacturer. 

The Beautiful Bakers Twine range consists of a plethora of twines and cords in a host of colours, colour combinations and diameters and is made entirely in the UK from start to finish. The natural yarn is sourced from a local supplier and dyed by a local yarn dying company before it is ready for the twine factory, where it undergoes several processes to form large bobbins of baker’s twine. It is the twisting machine that twists the colours to give the bakers twine its distinctive candy stripe appearance. 

Once the bobbins of baker’s twine have been produced, it is then spooled down to the required sizes for customers. This is done on a spooling machine, where the baker’s twine is wound off the large bobbins and onto UK manufactured cardboard tubes to form spools of twine. The same traditional techniques are still used today on machinery that has been producing quality twines for decades.

Original Baker​s Twine

Candy striped bakers twine part of the Beautiful Bakers Twine ranges

The original traditional candy stripe bakers twine - snow white combined with one of the thirty colours in the range. Manufactured in 100% soft natural cotton the candy stripe is available to buy online in 100m, 200m and 500m lengths and presented on a cardboard spool. This nostalgic twine is most popular with crafters and is used in a wide range of craft projects such as scrapbooking, wall decor, decorations, tassels, pom poms, spool magnets, candle holders and gift wrapping projects. Ideal for endless projects, limited only by one's imagination - a wonderful twine.

purchase bakers twine original white candy striped and coloured twine


Solid Baker​s Twine

single coloured bakers twine avaiable online

Solid coloured baker's twine manufactured in a natural 100% soft cotton. The solid range uses two ends of a single colour from the Beautiful Baker's Twine range twisted to make a solid colour craft twine for those applications where a single coloured twine is required. Really useful to complement the striped twines in the range. Manufactured in the UK by James Lever and available in 100m, 200m, and 500m in the full range of over 30 colours, presented on a cardboard spool.  Also available in larger diameters in the 'Chunky' range.

information and to buy the single coloured Bakers Twine range.



Two Tone Baker​s Twine

two coloured bakers twine striped bakers twine for sale in over 30 colours

A beautiful nostalgic coloured twine, 'Two Tone' from the Beautiful Baker's Twine range in over 30 different colourways is sure to find the heart of many a crafter.  Manufactured in the same luxurious 100% natural soft cotton in a range of combined nostalgic colours ideal for craft projects.

Buy two toned bakers twines 2 coloured cotton



Tri coloured Baker​s Twine

three coloured bakers twines in soft cotton 30 different colour combinations

Combining three different colours of cotton the tri coloured bakers twine is a wonderful addition to the crafting box including striking new bright colour combinations and more traditional 'Union Jack' and 'Welsh Dragon' primary colour themes.

tri coloured bakers twine a three coloured striped twine buy


'Chunky' Baker​s Twine (Wider Diameter Bakers Twines)

thick coloured cotton  twines  the chunky bakers twine from james lever

Using the same luxury Beautiful Bakers Twine cotton we spin the yarn into larger diameter threads and a twist on the traditional bakers twine has arrived - the 'Chunky' twine. Ideal for when a craft project requires a thicker, stronger twine while retaining that wonderful nostalgic look and feel. 

thick chunky bakers twines in a range of colours to buy


Sparkle Baker​s Twine

sparkle bakers twine a coloured cotton twine with a sparkle thread added

Sparkle Baker's Twine adds a modern twist to a nostalgic twine. Our most popular baker's twine lines are infused with a touch of extra sparkle to make them perfect for Christmas and those special occasions.

sparkle bakers twine solid coloured strip with a sparkle twine


Metallic Baker​s Twine

shimmering cotton twines the entire  metallic baker twine range avaiable for online shopping at craft twinery uk

Shimmering playing with light the Metallic Baker's Twine range. a beautiful shimmering luxury cotton metallic striped cotton bakers twines.

shimmering metalic cotton twines in the online shop


Bakers Twine Finest - (Narrow Diameter Bakers Twines)


information on the different sizes of bakers twines

The light weight cometh - same beautiful coloured cotton from a selection of the ranges but - thinner, finer and just as beautiful.


fine bakers twines narrower than traditional at 2mm



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