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About Traditional Ropes in natural and Synthetic Fibers


traditional ropes sold at the craft twinery the natural range in sisal manila jute sisal and hemp sold by meter or rolls

Traditional Ropes at The Craft Twinery

At The Craft Twinery we have a wide range of traditional ropes manufactured in natural and synthetic materials perfect for all craft projects. Our range of traditional ropes are available in diameters 6mm up to 32mm. For crafters seeking traditional natural fibre biodegradable ropes, we have ropes manufactured in sisal, manila, cotton, hemp and twisted jute each with their own unique properties. For customers seeking a traditional looking rope but manufactured out of modern synthetic materials synthetic 'poly' hemp rope is available too. Our ropes come from James Lever of Bolton a UK company manufacturing ropes and twines for over 150 years renowed for hogh standards and this ensures that our customers receive the finest quality ropes.


Sisal Rope

sisal ropes for sale in 6mm to 32mm diameters a high qualyt tree strand natural rope

High quality three strand natural sisal rope in diameters of 6 to 32mm. Being made from the natural fibres of the Agave sisalana plant it compliments planting and timberwork perfectly and is ideal for outdoor use. As sisal rope is the type of rope that would have traditionally been used on ships, the nautical feel it gives makes it particularly popular for use as a decking rope. Other uses for sisal rope include use with cat scratchers, pet scratching posts, parrot and pet toys, with bannisters and handrails, in construction and industry or as a strong general purpose natural rope. Sisal is similar in texture to manila but generally it is much lighter in colour, more of a bleached blond but as it is natiural shades can vary. 
sisal ropes a range of three strand ropes in natural sisal

Manila Rope

Manila rope a traditional natural ropes manufactured in three strand tradionaly used on ships sold in natural tan colour

High grade three strand natural manila rope. Manila is produced from the natural fibres of the abaca plant, native to the Philippines. Manila rope is stronger than sisal rope and firmer than synthetic ropes, whilst remaining flexible and easy to work with. Manila rope was traditionally used on ships and its distinctive natural tan colour means it is popular for outdoor use such as with garden decking. Other uses include with handrails and fencing, as a barrier rope, in construction, as a tug of war rope or strong general purpose rope. Manila rope is mid brown in colour and evenly weathers down to a brown / grey colour. Available in 6 to 32mm diameter. 
manila ropes three strand manila

Jute Rope

High quality jute ropes in three strand sold by cut length or reel sizes avaiable 5mm to 10mm

Quality three strand natural jute rope in diameters of 5mm to 10mm. Being made from the natural fibres from plants in the genus Corchorus, it compliments planting and timber work perfectly and is ideal for outdoor use. Jute is in great demand due to the softness, length, lustre and uniformity of its fibre. It is also known as the 'golden fibre' due to its versatile nature. Uses for jute rope include use in the house or garden, with cat scratchers / pet scratching posts and general parrot and pet toys. Jute rope is also often used in crafts and furniture and ornament making. As jute rope remains stroing even when wet it also makes for an excellent economy sash cord and is used in construction and industry as a strong general purpose 100% natural rope. 
jutes rope ranges at the craft twinery

Cotton Ropes

Cotton Ropes sold at The Craft Twinery from 22mm to 32mm diameters natural colour Coloured cotton rope ranges

Our three strand cotton rope is made from high quality cotton yarn. Cotton is a soft, fluffy staple fibre that grows in a boll, or protective capsule, around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium and the fibre is almost pure cellulose. Our cotton rope is smooth and soft in feeling and is unbleached giving it a natural ecru colour. It is favoured for horse halters, pet toys, as a barrier/boundary rope and also has many decorative, craft and artistic uses. Cotton rope can also be easily died to produce the desired colour of rope. Available in 20mm to 32mm diameters. 
cotton rope ranges on sale
Coloured cotton ropes braided luxury soft cotton ropes sold in over 30 colours
Craft Twinery also carry a range of narrower diameter 6mm and 10mm coloured cotton braids which includes 'magician ropes' a hollow braid in a range of over 30 colours. The soft cotton magician’s rope range is made from the finest luxury soft cotton, which makes them perfect for decorative projects. Also available with a core as a coloured cotton sash cord and as solid braided cotton.
coloured cotton ropes for sale


Polyhemp / Hempex Rope

Traditional looking rope but in manmade synthetic polyhemp. A synthetic rope which looks and feels like hemp for sale in a wide range of diameter like hemp

Synthetic hemp rope has the appearance of natural hemp and the hard wearing properties of a modern synthetic rope. Polyhemp rope is a weatherproof rope that will not shrink in length or expand in diameter when wet. As it is made from polypropylene it is extremely strong and weatherproof while retaing the classic hemp look and feel. These characteristics make it ideal for outdoor use and it is extremely popular for use as a decking rope, with children’s play areas and in general landscaping. It is sure to give years of service and remains the popular choice of rope for outdoor use. This high quality three strand poly hemp rope is available in diameters of 4 to 32mm as standard with wider diameters available on request.
ppolyhemp rope manmade ropes with a natural appearance of traditional ropes




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